ECLC Awarded Robin Hood Grant

Early Care & Learning Council (ECLC) is pleased to announce the receipt of a two-year grant from Robin Hood, New York’s largest local poverty-fighting philanthropy. The award will support ECLC to improve the infrastructure for training, data collection analysis and reflective supervision for the state-funded mental health consultants in the childcare sector, and to continue to pilot and expand the IT-CHILD mental health consultation model, in partnership with Brightside Up and Child Care Council of Westchester, in home-based childcare settings across the state. The grant period will run from October 2022 through September 2024.

ECLC is committed to leading the important work of Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation across New York State. The Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation model is an intervention that benefits the social and emotional well-being of infants and toddlers by providing a service in partnership with the adult caregivers in their lives, to create improved environments that better support the children served.  With the addition of a new Data Analyst, ECLC’s ability to take a deeper dive into the data that is being collected will help to tell the story of change that is happening at both the classroom, community, and state level, as a result of Consultation.

ECLC’s partners at Brightside Up and Child Care Council of Westchester expressed their dedication to the work of Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation and appreciation that the work will continue to grow with the support and funding from Robin Hood:

“There is no activity more meaningful or impactful than getting our youngest children off to a great start.   We are so grateful to Robin Hood and the Early Care and Learning Council for this opportunity to support the child care professionals who shape these earliest and most pivotal years,” said Kathy Halas, Executive Director, Child Care Council of Westchester.

Brightside Up is always eager to empower the child care workforce and enhance everyone’s understanding of children’s social emotional development,” said Kimberly Polstein, Director of Mental Health Services, Brightside Up. “We are dedicated to strengthening the positive connections between children and their caregivers and this grant allows us to further our impact. We’re grateful to expand our work and partner with ECLC through the Robin Hood grant.” 

The generous support provided by Robin Hood will also allow ECLC to continue to invest in the development of Reflective Supervision/Consultation. Reflective Supervision is a core component of working with and on behalf of young children. By providing spaces for ITMH Consultants to reflect on themselves within the work, new ways of thinking and being can emerge. Thereby opening new ways of approaching relationships with teachers which translates to how teachers can then approach the children in their care.  A cohort of supervisors from across the state is currently being trained and supported in providing Reflective Supervision to their staff.  By training network leaders to do this work, ECLC in partnership with Robin Hood are together ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation program.

Jessica Havens

ECLC Community Education Coordinator