Infant & Toddler Mental Health Consultation

Infant & Toddler Mental Health Consultation (ITMHC) is an intervention that benefits the social and emotional wellbeing of infants and toddlers, by providing a service in partnership with adult caregivers in their lives.

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Early Care & Learning Council (ECLC) is a statewide, not-for-profit membership organization that represents and coordinates the 35 Child Care Resource Centers (CCRCs) across New York State. The CCRCs are on the front lines, providing direct assistance and support to parents, child care providers, and employers in their communities.

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CCRCs are coordinating and planning agencies for local child care services. They provide support to child care providers, parents, businesses and local governments.

We are child care experts.


We assist families in finding quality child care and child care resources.


We help define, identify and solve the needs of child care networks.


We provide advice and improve the landscape of early education.


We advocate for more funding to support & expand quality child care.


We extensively train our network and providers to deliver quality care.

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We are child care experts and offer a wide range of targeted child care services to help with almost any issue.

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