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Our Staff


Executive Director

Meredith Menzies Chimento

Extension 27, mchimento@earlycareandlearning.org 


Policy & Community Education

Jessica Klos Shapiro

Director of Policy and Community Education

Extension 32, jklos@earlycareandlearning.org


Jessie Havens

Community Education Associate

Extension 20, jhavens@earlycareandlearning.org

Finance & Administration

​Frank Mahar

Director of Finance & Administration

Extension 19, fmahar@earlycareandlearning.org


Tammy M. Parsons

Administrative Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Extension 13, tparsons@earlycareandlearning.org

Programs & Services

Abbe Lynne Hahn Hook

Director of Programs & Services

Extension 26, ahahn@earlycareandlearning.org


Donna Fredlund

Data Administration Coordinator

Extension 17, dfredlund@earlycareandlearning.org


Jeannie Thomma

Infant Toddler Coordinator

Extension 33, jthomma@earlycareandlearning.org


Brooke Ricci

Training Coordinator

Extension 15, bricci@earlycareandlearning.org


Rachel Roberts

Infant Toddler Program Assistant

Extension 14, RRoberts@earlycareandlearning.org


Mariah Hebert

CCR&R Program Assistant

Extension 12, MHebert@earlycareandlearning.org


Special Projects

Fannie Glover

Director of Special Projects

​Extension 18, fglover@earlycareandlearning.org